Terms And Conditions

We at Online Promotion House welcomes you here and you will know about our company’s terms & conditions. We believe in transparency so below are our terms & conditions.

Refund a payment:- All payments will be accepted in the standard mode which is set by Online Promotion House. We are always in contact with our customers throughout the project, we take approval from our client, there is no provision for any kind of full or partial refund. So here we clearly mention that the amount will not be refunded in any circumstances. Once ordered is placed so it cannot be canceled because it is immediately sent for the processing. Over the course of time your personal preferences have changed, there can be no reason for a refund or chargeback. To avoid unwanted complications and technical issues, we will not provide content through any other media such as CDs, pen drives, movable drives etc. Upon the provision of this information, you will be solely responsible for the login information as well as the content of the sites provided. All payments for services are made to Online Promotion House company’s favor. We have not gave authortise to any person or organization to make payments in any other name. You are informed that under any circumstances online promotion house will be liable for any damage caused to your fraudulent individuals or organizations in your business transactions.

Non-Payment & Late Fee Payment :-

  • Rs. 5000 will be charged as administrative fee, In cases of reactivation of canceled accounts.
  • All technical support will be canceled, If your account becomes overdue for 7 days.
  • Your site and other services will be suspended, If your account gets overdue by 14 days.
  • Your sites and data would be deleted from company systems, If your account gets overdue by 30 days.
  • In case of credit card charge and reverse of the transaction, your account will be terminated and all your website, data, website, email, details will be deleted immediately.

We will do our best to contact you through all possible means, but it is client's responsibility to keep accurate and updated details, like address, contact and billing information, etc.

Anti-spam policy

We adopt a zero predictive path towards Unsolicited Commercial Email (UCE) or SPAM on our network. None of our customers or affiliates are allowed to use our network to manage unsolicited commercial email. Resellers of online promotion houses should not host, or consent to, the hosting of sites, sites or any other promoted by UCE from other networks.

Opposing this policy can result in severe penalties, including the annulment of immediate services. We initiate an immediate investigation on the notice of such violations with our spam and UCE policy. For the duration of this investigation we can place a ceiling on our network to reach the customer. If the violation is confirmed after investigation, we reserve the right to cancel, cancel, or terminate the respective account without prior notice. In addition, we are empowered to follow the civil course of action, for the costs associated with the investigation.

If a violation of the law proves to be a criminal offense, we may notify the law enforcement officers. Violation of this policy will result in penalties. We will charge administrative fees against these violations. The first case of such a violation was Rs.5000 with the end of customer accounts. A case of duplication or a second violation will be charged as an administrative fee of Rs.7500, with immediate termination of the customer's account. Spamming is banned with us so please, do not spam with your account. Our resellers will be fully accountable for their customers' activities on the online promotion house network, so we will suggest our resellers develop a tailored policy for their customers. We do not allow mass mailing from shared server. We do not deal with such sites. Sending bulk quantities of mail should not be with your account on the SMTP server. We suggest you to get special services for you from third parties or you can also go for your own dedicated server.

Dispute Resolution Issues in online promotion house

For any legal dispute, with the Online promotion house it will be settled only in the area of Delhi. All legal issues are subject to contemporaneous contemporary laws in New Delhi, only within the jurisdiction of the Courts which is located in New Delhi.


Illegal Activities:- violation of any particular law or regulation, like transmission, storage, or circulation of any information, data, or material in violation of any related law or guideline is strictly prohibited. We reserve the right to assist with legal authorities or the injured party during the investigation of any alleged crime.

Injury or peril to other members: None of our customers are permitted to destroy, or attempt to destroy, our services or products, by whatever means, as well as not for pornography, or to transmit any content in any mode (e-mail, Uploading, redistribution, or others). ) That promote bodily injury or obliteration of the goods.

Copyright or trademark contravention : Customers may not use any of our service products (e-mail, uploading, posting or otherwise) to transmit any content that is any copyright, patent, trademark or authorization of any third party of business or other Proprietary violates civil liberties, may not use services or products, without their knowledge or written consent. The circulation and / or redistribution of copyright or aforesaid intrusion will not be terminated.

Website Designing & SEO Combo :- If any of customer take services in our combo package where we charge only for SEO not for website but we redesign whole website and make more efforts in website as per the google guidelines. In this Package, if customers feel to discontinue the services than, OPH will not responsible to give any website file.

Loss of Backup and Data

Use of our services is at your own solitary risk. Online promotion house is not responsible for any data and / or files domiciled on your account. You have to agree to be responsible for the data transfer, files and maintenance of the appropriate backups of data and files inserted on our servers. We are entitled to weekly backups of data that have been changed or are new. These backup servers serve the purpose of restoration.

We do not entertain any hosting to run mailing lists. If we found any mailing list on our server we will X-Spam-Subject: YES close it without any prior notice. Pornography or any other sex related marketing is prohibited on server of Online promotion house. Even if any site that contains sexual content, any type of adult content or if the same sites are true that encourage any illegal activity or are harmful to Online promotion house Server or any other Internet server in any way. Even links to such materials are subject to prohibition.

Packages and Pricing : We at Online Promotion House have the right to change the packages, prices and services of its service at any time Information related to the prices and services available on our site is subject to change without any information. The new price will be effective for new deals but orders placed before the announcement of the new price will be considered at the old price only.

Disclaimer : Online Promotion House is not responsible for any cases of data loss, crashes and system failure / downtime. Furthermore, we are not accountable for any hypothetical estimate of profits customers may receive with the functioning of their website. Furthermore, we are not accountable for any hypothetical estimate of profits customers may receive with the functioning of their website. Additionally, we reserve the sole right to change or amend these policies, guidelines and disclaimers at any time, without any prior notice. Online Promotion House reserves the right to change / modify the terms and conditions at any time. (Already on our website)

Copyright Policy

Online Promotion House have exclusive authority to mold all information / content / services / content by copyright law and other intellectual property laws. Replication of any information / material / services / material will be the subject of legal action under the law of copyright.

Warranty : warranties and disclaimers provided in written agreement between you and Online Promotion House. All content and services on this site are void of any kind of warranty, either express or oblique, but are not bound by commercial ship or vague warranty of suitability or non-abortion warranty for an obvious reason. With no prior restrictions, the Online Promotion House makes no warranty: the services and materials will be strictly enforced according to your needs. Blamelessness, security, uninterrupted and timely execution of well services and materials. Accuracy effectiveness and reliability of services and materials and services. The Online Promotion House is not guaranteed immediate correction of any software error. Certain circumstances or jurisdictions do not allow for ambiguous warranties or restrictions during the period during which the warranty will last. Online Promotion House is not responsible for any damage to your computer system or data loss while downloading any information from this site. The user will be fully responsible for any and every kind of data loss / technical problem. The links on this site are not being commanded by Online Promotion House. Therefore we do not represent or recommend any of them.

Web Design & Development

During the project if Online Promotion House uses any images or video, if it is a copyright image or video then we are not responsible for it, only you (client) are responsible.

Governing Law and Jurisdiction :

Any dispute or matter arising out of accidental use is governed by the laws of India and the members and the company hereby submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts in Delhi, India. If any provision of this Agreement is deemed invalid, the remainder of this agreement shall continue effective.
We forecast that the above information will enable you to use the features and services offered by Online Promotion House to strengthen our business organizations as well as remain. Online Promotion House team is always ready to serve you with the best possible solutions as soon as possible.