App Development

Growing popularity of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, has increased the usage and development of software applications or apps. We use apps for everyday activities such as reading news, playing games, listening to music and even referring to maps. Apps are developed to provide easy and quick access to a program through a mobile device. They are developed for iOS and Android platforms, keeping in mind the different hardware specifications and configurations available in the market. App Development requires knowledge of computer programming and coding. Building an App for iOS requires Objective-C coding language and the Cocoa framework which is used in an IDE (integrated development environment) called Xcode.

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For Android App, Java coding language and the Android Software Development Kit is used in an IDE called Eclipse. Knowledge of these softwares helps in developing user-friendly apps, which can be downloaded on mobile devices.

Online Promotion House is a leader in App Development services in Delhi NCR. We have a team of professional developers and coders, who can design and build a user-friendly and functional app for your company on iOS and Android platforms. Our developers design the app as per your requirement after understanding your target audience and their behavior patterns. Mr. Sparsh Bagga, who is our Director and is also an adept digital marketer with more than ten years of experience in the field. He handles the market analytics process to provide the best app experience for your users. We have experience in handling clients from various industries such as textiles, industrial machinery, chemicals, food & agro products.

Our App developers are technically qualified professionals who assist you with the following services:
  • Planning: Creating a detailed app framework based on customer needs, possible solutions to the customer requirements and checking the features of applications used by competitors.
  • Analysis: Anticipating potential problems, finding solutions to them and listing down functional features.
  • Design: Defining the functions and features of the app.
  • Construction: Programming based on the design and requirements.
  • Testing: Check the app for errors and confirming the design requirements are met.
  • Implementation: Launching the app for users.
  • Support: Monitoring user experience and make required revisions throughout the app lifecycle.

Online Promotion House is the best App Development agency in Delhi NCR, with clients in Noida, Faridabad and Ghaziabad. We also provide assistance in major cities across India and in international locations such as Dubai, USA and UK. We provide quality services and technical assistance at affordable prices with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experienced App developers understand your requirements and user behavior to maximize the output of your App. They design the best possible application for your business keeping in mind two major factors: functionality and ease of use. Our services have been appreciated by our esteemed clients in terms of premium quality and timely delivery.

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Online Promotion House is a leading provider of Web Designing services from Delhi NCR with clients across India and a large number of International clients as well. Our Director, Mr. Sparsh Bagga has an experience of over a decade in handling Web Development Projects for clients across various industries such as textiles, industrial machinery, chemicals, food & agro products and several others. He has driven the organization with an aim to specialize in delivering quality services to all clients. He utilizes his experience gained over the years in the field of digital marketing and guides the team to perform efficiently, delivering guaranteed results.

Our dedicated web designing team is passionate about creating aesthetically pleasing websites that capture the attention of your target audience while avoiding points that may lead to user distraction or frustration. The websites are designed to maximize functionality and optimized to rank on Google and other search engines.

Our services are reasonably priced as follows:
  • A Static website with 15 pages is available from INR 20000 onwards.
  • A Dynamic website with 15 online pages is available from INR 30000 onwards.
  • Ecommerce website are available at INR 60000 only.

We maintain high quality in all our services to help you achieve maximum benefits from your website. Assisting you to select the best for your business we ensure your online presence is strong enough to beat your competitors. We are appreciated by our clients for creating high performance websites that deliver desired results.

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